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No entry barrier for content monetization for influencer of any kind

Unlimited access to influencers all over the world for advertisers

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Unlimited opportunities for your business

SocialMedia.Market creates a global marketplace for advertisers and opinion leaders within all major social networks, providing convenient and transparent tools for interaction between participants. Unlimited opportunities to promote brands and earnings in social networks with a simple application!

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Security of transactions and operations

SM.M excludes holdings and non-payments, providing only secure transactions. The platform operates on the basis of Ethereum and uses a fail-safe escrow payment system, which automatically keeps money transfers until the terms of the smart contract are fulfilled.

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Easy to manage, simple to interact!

The modern CRM-system of the platform contains many tips and templates that help to build effective interaction. The analytical system SM.M itself will offer you the best ways of development. The advertising campaign is created with the help of Smart Contract and greatly simplifies the cooperation.

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Decentralized dispute solution system

The unique arbitration system of our platform will help objectively evaluate different points of view and resolve the conflict with the maximum benefit for both sides. We offer a system of independent dispute resolution for participants in the process of the involvement of independent experts.

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