For influencers Jun 14, 2019

7 ideas to find your niche in influencing

Influencer marketing is not an experimental way of advertising brands and products anymore. Now it’s a digital reality with its rules and niches. You already know influencers travelling, beauty, clothes, sports, gaming, health or business. And it may seem that all niches are already occupied and the market has no need for new influencers. Our article will prove that this is a delusion. New niches appear and you always have a chance to implement something new. Have a look at our ideas and invent your own!


Education influencers

Education is one of the most important things in every country. At the same time, teacher salaries are rarely high and frequently a subject of contention. Influencing here is not only the chance to help with savings but to create something new in this area. A teacher, paid 50000 a year, made 200000 through Instagram this is not the only one real story. If you are a teacher, register on Instagram!


Medical industry influencers

Though doctors are paid much better, it doesn’t mean, they have nothing to do in social media. Cosmetic surgeons and dentists influence is growing very fast now, but basically, each medical field can be presented in the social media world in the way of advice, presentations, data, and communication.


Senior influencers

More and more elderly influencers will appear in the social media world. Retiring media professionals will be the first, who begin presenting themselves personally. As far as some of them already appeared as opinion leaders, the niche for elder ages is opened. And it doesn’t mean that only media professionals may occupy it. Register your grandmother on Instagram or Facebook and you will see! The results may be overwhelming.


Home Renovation Influencers

Thousands of home renovation influencers working across the globe! These are people who share their whole home renovation journey – from relocating from city to country, to upcycling furniture. This is a lot about design, homes, furniture and less about the personality of the influencer, but nonetheless – it’s working and being followed much!


Inventor Influencers

These social media personalities use their talent, expertise and incredible imaginations to create new inventions out of everyday objects. This may be a good niche for children, who invent something new out of everyday life. This niche is also more and more popular with brands, which are looking for some extraordinary thinking and inventions. This is a chance for them to create new visions and placements for their products. So if you have some neverending interest in creating something out of nothing, YouTube channel may become the place to express yourself.



Children who work like adults in the area of children interests – clothes, toys, games, family. They create posts on fashion, products, and lifestyle in the same way, as adults, but involve children or their parents. Many brands are looking for such young influencers to reach new consumers.


ASMR Influencers

ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. These are triggers, like particular sounds or images, that might lead to deep relaxation. This content style is very different from those which produce information. And this is one of the reasons it has become hugely popular. Although many of these influencers have big numbers of followers, ASMR is considered as a very small niche. But this very niche is very helpful for brands that specialize in relaxation products. ASMR is shaking up influencer marketing in new and exciting ways.


It doesn’t matter, which area you are interested in. You may always create something new from what has already been created, whether it is fashion, technology, gaming or daily vlogging. Never stop your delight and enter the influencers market with new ideas!


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