News Jul 18, 2018

Beta 2.0 release

Great news everyone! In-house testing of the smart contract and token on the SocialMedia.Market platform is finished and a 2.0 beta version has finally been released! The new version allows you to:


  • Create ad campaigns on YouTube filtering channels by criteria;
  • Create pre-set lists of channels for further usage;
  • Become an influencer in an ad campaign;
  • Sign ad campaign smart contracts via secure MetaMask.


Creating a campaign and contract for advertiser


Initiating your marketing campaign, first, prepare terms of reference for an opinion leader. An advertiser should formulate 5 following points to issue a marketing campaign task:


  • Description of a product/brand that is the main subject of a campaign;
  • Dates of launch and completion of a campaign;
  • Campaign budget in tokens;
  • Required materials and content requirements;
  • Targeting — a set of parameters, based on which, the platform would offer appropriate channels.


The platform automatically offers you channels, that fit best parameters, set during the first step of campaign creation. Only the bloggers corresponding with the criteria will be able to take part in your campaign.


You can choose bloggers manually in accordance with the most scrupulous professional requirements with the help of the filter system. Our database includes over 300 000 YouTube channels.


Channels that match your criteria can be saved into lists. It is very convenient to send offers to cooperate and take part in a campaign based on prepared lists.


After the campaign is created, it is verified for no more than 2 hours. All selected bloggers receive notifications after the campaign is launched and can either accept or decline the request to take part in the campaign or contact an advertiser for clarifications.


Once all terms and conditions are approved, an advertiser initiates a smart contract. The created contract is sent to a blogger for signing. Then, the smart contract requests an advertiser’s signature and deposit.


An advertiser must deposit the required amount of TSMT in order to publish the contract in the Ethereum network. The platform uses a smart contract as an escrow so that all finances are stored in the system and issued right after all contractual obligations were fulfilled. Signing and depositing is done via reliable ads protected MetaMask wallet.


An opinion leader creates content for an advertiser and uploads a link or a file including preview. Only the content that has been checked, corrected, and approved by an advertiser is posted to social networks. Upon the completion of all contract conditions, the smart contract transfers payment to a blogger.


If an advertiser isn’t satisfied with the content in any way, a dispute can be opened after the publication. The dispute will be resolved by a qualified SocialMedia.Market employee (be reminded that the release of a decentralized dispute settlement system is planned for the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018). If it is resolved in the advertiser’s favor, a full refund is made.


Taking part in a campaign for a blogger


The process of participating in an ad campaign for a blogger isn’t difficult and consists of 4 simple steps.




Influencer’s YouTube channel must be verified and activated on the platform. An opinion leader can be issued a task in several ways: via the personal task assignment feature or through another contact channel from the opinion leader’s available contacts (even if it wasn’t previously registered in the system).


An opinion leader can only see the tasks with requirements, matching their channel characteristics.


A blogger signs a contract with an advertiser using their personal Ethereum wallet via the MetaMask app. All contract payments will also be transferred to the Ethereum wallet.


Once a contract is signed by both parties and sufficient funds are deposited by an advertiser, an influencer must complete the task in terms, defined in the smart contract. If the task isn’t completed in terms, the smart contract will be canceled or prolonged by advertiser’s request.

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