For influencers Feb 07, 2019

Catching video stories. How to make them?

Influencers, as well as scriptwriters and filmmakers, need catching stories. To make the shortest video you need an idea. How to make scripts and where to look for ideas? This article will give you the answer to these questions.


Step 1 – start writing.

Write neither scenario nor the story. Start with your thoughts on what you would like to shoot. If you don’t have the plot, but there is an idea, don’t try to write the whole story on this idea at once. Just write out your thoughts on how to present this idea, what is there in the idea and how you see it. Written text will help you to see, which ideas are not catching and change them. While editing the text you will probably find other ideas, which were not obvious at first sight.


Step 2 – find the message of your video.

Every video you make should have the message, you’d like to deliver. What do you want to tell the followers? What are you shooting this video for? If you know this, it will be easier to write the script.


Step 3 – don’t disregard classical advice.

Texts, as well as videos, should have set up, confrontation and resolution. The whole story should be dynamic and interesting from the beginning till the end. Divide your plot into parts according to the dynamics and speed of the story. It will be easier to present it in your video.


Step 4 – visualize.

It may happen that your script will be alive only on paper and you will not know how to make a video out of this. Think of this while writing. There are things, which are hard to be presented visually. If you find them in your script, change them to other ideas.


Step 5 – take part in your scenario.

Write the script personally. Even when you shoot a video for advertisement, add your own emotions and thoughts. Make it, like this video is not your job. Make it like it’s your life. When you place your emotions and inspiration, the result will be much better than when you just follow the instruction.


Step 6 – keep recommendations in mind, but leave some space for inspiration.

Create scripts when you have something to tell and you want to tell it in a video. Catch your ideas and write them down, even if it’s not the best time for writing. You may create ideas all of a sudden but forget them thinking about something else. Don’t let your ideas drift away without adjustment. Some ideas will not be useful for script writing, but you will find some good insights for sure.


Step 7 – be consistent.

Write scenarios according to some schedule. Choose one day a week to write scripts, evaluate ideas and plan your further videos.

Influencer, who wants to involve more followers, should create videos constantly. This is the way to grow, acquire skills of scripts writing and never be afraid to make something from the scratch.

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