For advertisers Oct 24, 2018

Confessions of anonymous influencers

This article should start with words: “Hello, my name is Johnson, and I’m an influencer.” And you, our reader, will continue to explore this text with more interest waiting for some drama. Confessions are always catching, aren’t they?


But we decided to come at this from another angle – we are not influencers, but we know some of them, who have already told so many times: “I’m an influencer, and I’m pretty tired of all these things.”


Let’s check the thoughts they want to share.



Confession №1 is about the communications


“I had a situation once when brand-manager asked me to change my style talking about their brand. But that’s nonsense, my followers love me for who I am.” shared a blogger.


“The advertising manager wanted me to put a voiceover commercial instead of the real subtitles – quite direct add I would say. I care about my reputation, It’s not a TV-shop, that I run. :)” – said another one.  


“My blog is about psychology and children. Can you imagine, that once I’ve got the offer to promote a men’s strip club. At first, I thought it was some kind of a joke.” – laughed leading psychotherapist.


In all these claims, complaints and comments, we determined the problem: miscommunication and difficulties with the positioning of a brand according to an influencer’s channel. An influencer has already got his style and way to communicate with his audience. It’s perfect when the advertiser has a vision of his campaign, but it could be inappropriate for influencer when advertiser imposes brand’s approach.


Moreover, advertisers know how to promote their brand, but influencers know how to promote it on their channels better than anyone, so just let them do their job. What is the way out? The trust! Brand’s style mixed with influencer’s vision could lead a campaign to the new and unique advertisement’s level.



Confession number 2 is about the budget


“I’ve spent three weeks shooting this video. I have had to catch a sunset, rain, and fog without visual effects. I have visited their location more than six times before they decided to back out!”


This situation is not rare in the influencer marketing, because budget problems can be tricky, especially if an advertiser doesn’t take an influencer seriously. Could seems that to create a new video is an easy thing. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much time and effort influencers put into a campaign.


This misunderstanding comes from the idea that running a channel is no more than a hobby, when in fact, influencers work full-time to produce a quality content and hit the hearts of their followers.



Confession number 3 is about cooperation


“They asked for one post to see whether it works. You have to give some time for the audience to react to the content, and I need time to study the brand as well. Every time I receive such a request, I feel like I’m looking for something serious on a speed-dating.”


People value constancy. Consumers value care. Influencers appreciate the long-term cooperation and the opportunity to dive into the product to study it. The more they know about the brand, the more ideas they have to highlight the brand in a proper way.


And here we’ve got the circle of ideal cooperation: trust and long-term cooperation. Advertisers are looking for their special influencer and influencers are looking for their suitable brand. It’s a match!


All we want is to overcome challenges and stay satisfied with the result. We’ve heard influencer’s concerns, and we determined some tips for your future collaborations. So, heed them and enjoy your campaigns!

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