For influencers Dec 13, 2018

Crouching user, hidden ban

We wrote about mysterious rules of shadowban in our previous article and today our deal is to tell you, that shadowban is not a death sentence to your account. Shadowban is something, you can avoid. Just know the rules and keep it in touch.


How to protect your account from shadows of the ban?

We gathered information from many sources and the first rule everywhere considers hashtags. Check them before posting. Some hashtags may be censored for some time, and others – banned forever. Your hashtag shouldn’t be banned or censored. The easiest way to check it is to type your hashtag into the search box. If the search-box can’t find required hashtag then it is banned.

The second rule is going to break your plans – don’t use automatic or bot-like posting. The only exception here is Later app.


The third rule cares about your real life – don’t live in Instagram. 60 comments, 300 likes and following or unfollowing 60 people per hour are considered too much. Just stop and don’t let Instagram think, that you’re a bot.


The fourth rule is about friendship and love. If a user reports your account, it may be banned. Be kind, don’t offend or upset other users.


The fifth and sixth rules are about general etiquette. Don’t post anything illegal and be sure, your reposts are allowed by an author.  


How to see the shadow on your account?

The easiest way to check your account for shadowban is to ask your friend to unfollow you and try to find your posts using hashtags. If your post doesn’t appear, you’ve been shadowbanned. There also exists Triberr – the service, where you can check your account for shadowban.   


How to take the shadow away from your account?

If you found out that you’ve been shadowbanned, check your activity, considering mentioned earlier points:  

  • Don’t use banned hashtags.
  • If you use automatic posting app – stop it.
  • Don’t live inside the Instagram – take a break for some days.
  • If you reposted without permission or were reported by another user – report a problem or contact Instagram support.

One more way to fix your account is to switch from business account to personal. It is relevant only for business accounts, don’t do it, if your account is already  personal.


Anyway, try your best not to become banned. Follow simple recommendations from this article and let no shadow move across your account!


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