For influencers Nov 01, 2018

Followers that don’t follow

Sometimes a quick popularity might seems tempting. Especially when you put so much time to create a perfect social media post, and still it feels like you’re sending your work into the void. It could be because you haven’t got enough subscribers, and it can’t respond to your expectations. Maybe a little devil on your left shoulder has already whispered in your ear about exploring some alternative ways to get more engagement instead of reaching an audience step by step.


First, before you choose the wrong direction, ask yourself what’s more important to have tons of inactive followers or 100 who will actually engage with you? It might seem to you that in the social media’s world numbers are everything, but if your target is to engage your channel with healthy awareness, numbers could be only a result.


To prove this argument, let’s dive deeper to understand why cheating on your channel can lead you to the problems, and shred your reputation as an influencer.


Two bad types

There are two main types of fake followers. The first one: accounts that aren’t real people, but bots. These “followers” definitely don’t engage with your channel, and they weren’t programmed to be real people with an opinion. You might think that it’s not the worst thing, at least they increase your number of subscribers. But here’s a bonus: sometimes they can pretend to be “alive” by making inappropriate or irrelevant comments. Usually, it’s something “nice” like compliments about your beauty on a photo of your dog, or comments that promote skinny tea under the picture of a historical place you’ve recently visited abroad. This kind of followers simply uses your content to place their ads. So, if you have free time to delete these comments — just do it 🙂


The second type of fake subscribers: real people who agreed to earn some extra money by adding their accounts to a Fake Followers list. Sure, they got their poor pay, but they still certainly don’t have any interest to your channel or even topic.


Spam avalanche

The moment you’ve decided to buy followers, you need to realize that you’ve opened up your channel for spam posts. And that might concern not only your account. For example, when you bought fake followers on Instagram, if you generously provided your email address, you agreed to spread spam. Once you accept fake followers, you give them access to your “normal” followers. So, people who trust you as an influencer probably might accept the spammers, in turn. And when they figure it out, don’t think for one minute that this is going to annoy your true audience and give you a bad name.


Remember the time you had a good reputation

In the social media’s world, there is a commandment: buying followers is terrible for your channel reputation because the truth always comes out somehow. Even if you’re going to regret what you’ve done, your real audience will never forget it. At first, it might not be evident for everyone, but people will start getting suspicious when the level of your subscribers suddenly will soar from 1000 to 10 000 in a few days.


We’ve already stressed the importance of the audience’s trust as the key to success. So, always remember: it’s hard to rebuild trust.

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