For advertisers Aug 31, 2018

Getting started for Advertisers. Part 4: Running a campaign

Your session with SocialMedia.Market platform’s basics is reaching the end. This is the last part of the guide, which is dedicated to the process and launch of the first campaign by an Advertiser. In the previous part, we explored the terms of a smart contract and stopped on signing it.  


STEP 1: Signing of smart contract


After an Influencer signs a smart contract, the status of your campaign changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Processing’ and the SIGN CONTRACT button becomes available.



After pressing this button, a popup appears. There you can double-check the terms of a smart contract and confirm its signing via SIGN CONTRACT VIA METAMASK button.



Hint. Make sure that you’ve authorized in MetaMask plugin. We covered it in the second part of the guide.  


In a popup window check if a wallet you pay for the campaign is correct, then click SIGN CONTRACT VIA METAMASK.




STEP 2: Making a deposit


After you press the SIGN CONTRACT VIA METAMASK button, the plugin’s popup informs you that a required number of SMT is transferred to a deposit. The Influencer will be paid after a successful finish of campaign.  

Set a transaction required for deposit:

  • Gas Limit  — leave unchanged
  • Gas Price — set the best transaction’s value (it affects pending time)


Hint. You can check the best value of Gas Price on Ethgasstation or in the chat of SocialMedia.Market support.



After setting up a transaction, confirm it by pressing SUBMIT.



Confirmation of the transaction will bring a new service message in the dialogue with the Influencer: “Smart contract approved by Advertiser. Pending smart contract deposit”.  



Finishing a successful transaction (pending time depends on the value of the transaction in settings), you can see the service message – “Smart contract is paid.”



Finally! Required amount of SMT is deposited. The Influencer will get his payment only after your approval of submitted content. If he doesn’t comply with the terms of the deal, you get your deposit back.


STEP 3: Checking content


Check if delivered content matches your requirements. You can reach it via CHECK CONTENT button, which will become available after Influencer sends content.



Examine the materials and confirm the work with APPROVE CONTENT button. If you need to edit or modify something, discuss it with the Influencer.



After approval of Influencer’s work, you can finish your advertising campaign. This action will unlock the deposit and transfer funds to the Influencer’s account.



SocialMedia.Market is designed to keep you updated on all essential stages of your advertising campaign. You will receive major status updates both in chat and email. The platform is made as a useful and convenient tool for reaching your marketing goals.  


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