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Getting started for Advertisers. Step 1: Creating a campaign

This is the first step from the the ‘Getting Started’ series of instructions on the interaction with SocialMedia.Market platform. In this guide, we will tell you how to make your first steps while working with the platform — register an account and join your first advertising campaign. Next steps (coming soon) describe further process of campaign management.



Steps to a Successful Start


Create a profile


STEP 1. Register

First things first — you need a registered account to start your activity on the platform. Select “Become Advertiser” on the SocialMedia.Market official website to register.



STEP 2. Create Your Profile

There are three ways to sign up as an advertiser — with your EmailGoogle+ or Facebook accounts. Choose one that you feel more appropriate or easy.



If you prefer email — look for a standard confirmation letter in your inbox and click Confirm registration (1) or follow the link below (2) to start using the platform.



Get Acquainted with the Platform


Take a look at your profile. Your work panel has a pretty intuitive design — you shouldn’t have any troubles with it. It includes following main sections: Dashboard, Campaigns, Influencers, Messages, Reports, and Disputes:



Here are some hints on the main menu:

  • Dashboard will help you manage all your activities and check analytical reports;
  • Campaigns— create new campaigns and check the current ones here;
  • Influencers—contains a list of influencers you already work with;
  • Messages— here you can communicate with influencers;
  • Reports— contains all news and updates on your campaigns;
  • Disputes— monitor all complaints on your campaigns from the DISPUTE SOLUTION SYSTEM.



Create a Campaign


Now, for the main thing — the creation of an advertising campaign, which takes 4 general steps:


STEP 1. To create your advertising campaign using SocialMedia.Market, go to Campaigns (1) and choose Create campaign (2).



STEP 2. Configure your campaign:

  • choose a social network for the campaign — you can pick from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter;
  • define up to 4 categories of the product you will be promoting, so that influencers could find your campaign by tags;
  • specify the type of content you wish an influencer to create and post;
  • Click Next 


STEP 3. Fill out your campaign details:

  • type in your campaign and brand name (min. 10 symbols);
  • add a product picture;
  • add link to the product webpage;
  • specify the duration of campaign — choose the start and the desired finish dates;
  • add a detailed description of the campaign (min. 150 symbols), where you can describe your campaign’s main goals and features or separate, additional requirements;
  • check the possibility of the product shipment if you’re planning to send your product to influencers for a review;
  • click Next to continue or Previous to edit the previous stage.



STEP 4. Configure targeting and budgeting based on your specific business goals and financial capabilities:

  • Specify the budget of your campaign (for one campaign with one influencer, in tokens). You can customize payment amount before offering influencer to sign a contract.
    TIP. Check the current token prices here and here.
  • Choose influencers. Specify the country and language of your potential influencer and the amount of their followers;
  • Target audience. Specify the gender, age, country and language of the preferred audience;



In case you would like to customize the information from the previous stage, you can also go back by clicking on Previous.

Check if everything is correct and click Submit. Your advertising campaign is now ready to be published. Publishing will make it publicly available to influencers!





Publish a Campaign


Once an advertising campaign is ready, click on Publish Campaign and wait for a while until it becomes visible to influencers. Now, it’s only a matter of time before influencers offer their services and apply to your ad campaign.
HINT. Usually campaign becomes visible to Influencers in 2 hours. If the process takes longer, use our livechat and we will help you resolve it.





Find out Who Has Applied


Once the campaign is moderated, you can check the list of applied influencers. Choose influencers to partner with and start working on your advertising campaign with them right away!



Starting an ad campaign takes a bunch of steps, which, however, are all straightforward and subsequent, and as a result, you get the decentralized, secure means of creating ad campaigns and cooperating with influencers. What we are offering is an efficient way to find reliable influencers.


Your campaign is almost set, you just need to create and sign a Smart Contract. Find out how to do it in 3 easy steps with SocialMedia.Market in our next guide.


If you’re having any questions about creating an advertisement campaign — use our livechat, we’re ready to help you 24/7.


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