For influencers Sep 04, 2018

Getting started for Influencers. Part 3: Starting a campaign

It’s a perfect time to dot the i’s and to wrap up the campaign you started on SocialMedia.Market. This is last but not least part of a guide for Influencers, which will help you to participate in your first advertising campaign. Before this part, we figured out how to add MetaMask to your browser. Now we are ready to move forward and clear up how to sign a smart contract and don’t miss anything significant; and how to start earning money on doing what you like.
If you are still not familiar with a smart contract, it’s a word that gets a lot of hype. A smart contract is an automatic agreement between Influencer and Advertiser, which you could easily register online. The best part is no one needs to rely on a third person like a lawyer to follow various terms. Therefore, if you want to make your deal with Advertiser cool and safe, you better know how to make a suitable arrangement.


STEP 1: Confirm the deal

Discuss the details of the campaign with Advertiser in a chat and confirm, if you are willing to work with him.


HINT. A smart contract has a typical structure about the most important things of your deal, but you better discuss all the details with Advertiser to prevent unpleasant surprises.


STEP 2: Sign a smart contract

Once you discuss and agree all the terms of the campaign in the chat, Advertiser creates a smart contract.



When the contract is made, you will receive a system message and an email notification. To double-check the deal and make sure that everything is correct, you can click the CONTACT INFO button.



If the conditions match the arrangements, you can accept the contract and proceed further.



Then in the popup click the SIGN CONTRACT VIA METAMASK button.



Make sure that a correct address of your wallet is indicated in the popup window. After the launch of a campaign, you will receive a payment to this exact wallet.



If all information is correct, you can click the SIGN CONTRACT button and change the status.




And the next thing you know, Advertiser already signed a smart contract and you receive a system message and a notification to your email. The signed contract means payment has already been transferred to the smart contract address and you can start working on the content.



You will receive the payment to your wallet once you finish the campaign and Advertiser confirms all the requirements are met.


STEP 3: Preparing content

Once you’ve submitted the content, you can paste the link to your content and click SUBMIT.



A decisive point: Advertiser will be notified with a system message and will be able to view your content.



Approving your content, Advertiser notifies the platform about the contract’s execution. This initiates a payment from a smart contract address, where funds were held, while the campaign was in progress, to Influencer’s wallet.



The following system message informs about receiving the payment as a result of the executed smart contract.



Ka-ching! The tokens are now on your wallet balance.



HINT. Don’t forget to thank the platform for making this deal happen: SocialMedia.Market keeps a 10% commision.
If Advertiser thinks that the content doesn’t match the agreement, he can continue communication with you until he resolve the situation. In case Advertiser’s claims are unfounded and all of a smart contract’s terms was completed, Influencer will receive the payment.

SocialMedia.Market is a platform, which designed to bring interested parties together and provide them a safe and useful way to achieve their goals.

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