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Getting started for Influencers. Step 1: Join a campaign

This is the first step from the the ‘Getting Started’ series of instructions on the interaction with SocialMedia.Market platform. In this guide, we will tell you how to make your first steps while working with the platform — register an account and join your first advertising campaign. Next steps (coming soon) describe further process of campaign management.



How to Join the Ad Campaign on SocialMedia.Market

Create a profile


STEP 1. Register

Get an account on SocialMedia.Market by selecting ‘Become Influencer.


STEP 2. Create your profile

You can sign up as an influencer in a couple of ways — either use your email address and a new password or use your existing Google+ or Facebook account.



If you choose an email option, you should check your inbox for the confirmation. Simply click the redirection link to access your personal account and begin working with the platform.

If you prefer signing up with your Google+ or Facebook account — select the fitting button and register in 1 click.



Get Acquainted with the Platform


You can see a bunch of useful info and launch helpful tools in your profile. Your workspace includes the following sections: Dashboard, Brands, Messages, Analytics, Self-Promotion, and Disputes:


  • Dashboard will help you manage all your influencer activities and check analytical reports;
  • In Brands you can view your active campaigns and check pending campaigns;
  • Messages are for communicating with advertisers;
  • Analytics — check the statistics and other analytical data based on your activity;
  • Self-Promotion — here you can advertise yourself and negotiate with other influencers;
  • Disputes — monitor and manage your disputes.



Connect Channels


Now, you should highlight areas of your work. Add your existing social networking channel(s) to the SocialMedia.Market account to be able to join an advertising campaign.

Campaign preview information


You can use campaign preview to get a brief initial look at the campaign. It displays general info like name, product description, company logo or associated visual, deadline, and the budget provided by an advertiser. In the upper right corner, you may also see an icon of the social network, where the advertiser prefers their product to be promoted.


Join an Advertising Campaign


Joining an ad campaign on the SocialMedia.Market platform is simple and requires 4 following steps:


STEP 1. Select an advertising campaign

All active campaigns available to you at the moment are displayed in your personal account — click Watch all to see the full list and select the most interesting ones.


STEP 2. Click Join Campaign once you’ve completely made up your mind.



STEP 3. Write a short cover letter in pop-up, to start your conversation with an advertiser and offer your services for their advertisement campaign. Then, click Apply.


STEP 4. Selected campaign is now in the waiting list and it’s just a matter of time before you can start working on the promotion. Meanwhile, you can clarify more details and requirements with advertiser. Click Go to chat to start the negotiation.


As soon as an advertiser reviews your application and decides to choose you as their partner, you will get a notification that you can now get to contract procedures to establish secure and reliable cooperation with your new employer.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated about joining the campaign. A few simple steps on the platform will help you start a profitable activity — find the most fitting projects and join the desired campaigns.


Your campaign is almost set, you just need to discuss final terms with advertiser and reflect them in a signed Smart Contract. Find out how to do it in 3 easy steps with SocialMedia.Market in our next guide.


If you’re having any questions about joining an advertisement campaign — use our livechat, we’re ready to help you 24/7.


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