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Getting started for Influencers. Step 2: Handling MetaMask and SMT token

You have already learned how to register on the SocialMedia.Market platform and join ad campaigns. This is the second guide from the series of materials on how to work with SocialMedia.Market, where you will find out how to set up the MetaMask payment extension and create a profile there.


Integrated with the SocialMedia.Market platform, MetaMask will help you get your payment for an advertising campaign and track your SMT and ETH balance in one accessible wallet. Learn more about the MetaMask extension.


MetaMask is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser. We’ll tell you how to install the extension in each browser, create an account, and add tokens to your balance.




Adding MetaMask to Your Browser of Choice


It only takes as much as two simple steps at the most to get the MetaMask payment extension up and running in your browser of choice:


Step 1. Select an extension for your browser on the MetaMask official webpage or use the direct link:


Step 2. Brave, has the extension installed by default, so you can move on to other steps. In the case of any other mentioned browser, you have now opened the MetaMask product page in the respective Web Store — click ADD TO CHROME/Firefox/Opera in the the MetaMask pop-up window and allow the extension to be added to your browser:


After you’ve added the extension to your browser its icon is will appear in the upper right corner of the browser interface. Use it to launch and use MetaMask.



Creating the MetaMask account


Once you’ve installed the MetaMask extension in your preferred browser, you can move on to setting up your personal MetaMask account and start using the extension.

When you click on the MetaMask icon in the browser for the first time, you may see an announcement, offering to work with the updated beta version. Unless you’re interested in taking part in the beta testing, select ‘No thanks, maybe later’ to go on with a stable version of MetaMask:



Accept the privacy policy and terms of use, and move on to the following steps to create your new account:


Step 1. Come up with a reliable password and enter it in both fields. Click CREATE to proceed:



STEP 2. Save 12 key words for restoring access to your account, in case you lose or forget your login or password.


IMPORTANT: copy the key words and save it somewhere safe, make sure only you have access to words and they are reliably stored, as only these words can help you restore your MetaMask account access. You can also choose SAVE SEED WORDS AS FILE to get an automatically created text file with your key words.

Secured your key words? Click I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE to finish the creation of a MetaMask account:


Starting to Use MetaMask


Apart from receiving payments to your MetaMask wallet, you can also replenish your balance with SMT tokens — directly or with Ether. You can add tokens to your account in two following ways:

Use existing tokens


If you already have SMT tokens stored in another wallet, you can import it to your MetaMask account with the help of your Private Key or a JSON file in the following way:


Add tokens to the newly created account.


You can also add tokens to the balance of your personal MetaMask account:


Step 1. Open MetaMask and click Add token to add SMT:



Step 2. Fill in the token details:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x78eb8dc641077f049f910659b6d580e80dc4d237
  • Token Symbol: SMT
  • Decimals of Precision: 8


Step 3. Click Add — now, the added SMT with its precise balance is displayed in your token list and you can receive payments for advertising campaigns:



TIP. You can refill your ETH balance via any exchange service you wish. MetaMask conveniently displays your current balance, it updates after every replenishment both for SMT and ETH:



Hint. Your MetaMask balance will also be visible in your SocialMedia.Market dashboard so that you can always keep it in check. If the contract address or balance aren’t available in the dashboard, you should reauthorize MetaMask in your SocialMedia.Market profile:



MetaMask is convenient when it comes to managing your influencer balance. It is efficiently integrated with the SocialMedia.Market platform and offers secure means of token transactions to receive your payment for the job done. We hope this guide helps you set up and start using the MetaMask extension so that you can move on to the next step in working with SocialMedia.Market — signing of smart contract and further work on an ad campaign.


If you still have any questions left, our support will help you resolve any issue and explain any aspect at all times.


Stay tuned for the next part of the guides series on starting a campaign.

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