For advertisers Sep 21, 2018

How to choose the right influencer for a business

“Influencer marketing” is a buzzword right now, it’s basically on everyone’s lips. Google approves: this term increased by 325% in searches over 2017. While numbers speak for themselves, let’s imagine you’ve decided to start your collaboration with an influencer. So what should you focus on first-hand if you don’t want to mess up?


Nowadays, the majority of brands work with influencers, and social media posting is moving forward with many ebbs and flows. Getting more native, it engages an audience in communication with the brand. But it happens only if you won’t ignore the critical points while working with influencers. Otherwise, there’s a chance to fail in influencer marketing — really effective instrument. For example, if you sell diving equipment it’s strange to work with a person who’s in fashion — you better go with travel influencers. But if you make jewelry — the fashion field is what you’re looking for. Makes sense, right?  


Therefore, you need to pay attention to the topic of the influencer’s channel. All their activity aims a particular subject or interest; they must be experts in their niche — and you need to check if influencer’s theme matches with your brand’s values. For example, you make lipsticks with glitter, and you’ve found a beauty channel, where influencer days and nights speaks about how important to take care of yourself and be fabulous. It seems like it’s a game!


But then suddenly you realize that this specific influencer speaks about beauty in a manner it’s the only thing girls should be focused on — and from time to time receives angry comments about being superficial. And, before you know it, your brand is already associated with false standards. That’s why besides the topic, you need to draw your attention to the style and tone of voice of influencer’s posts. This individual approach to the channel defines how exactly his audience would welcome your brand and which reputation it would get.


So, to succeed you better know the hints of creating a campaign with influencers. In this article, we highlighted the first two essential points — the topic and style of the channel — on your way to find your perfect person to promote your brand. What’s next? Stay tuned.

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