For influencers Apr 03, 2019

How to involve influencers in the luxury industry

Today, when brands face more and more obstacles within traditional advertising, many companies look for alternative ways to promote their products. One of these alternative ways is influencer marketing and many famous brands, like Nike, Adidas or Reebok already cooperate with influencers to reach their audience online.


But does it work for luxury brands?

Not to get lost among non-luxury brands exclusive retailers stepped aside influencer marketing. On the other hand, such brands also launch new products and campaigns, and influencer marketing is one of the best ways of promotion.

Few examples of cooperation with influencers proved that this way is also working for luxury brands. For example, Dior made a significant impact on its campaign involving traditional celebrities and micro-influencers. There is also an example with Apple company, which invited influencer for Apple Watch promotion and got it right. Influencers and luxury brands can create a partnership, though there are some rules for it to be successful.   


Relevance is more important than reach.

Choosing the wrong influencer brands may get more harm than use. The relevance here is vital. Luxury brands should better start with an analysis of the message of the campaign, its target audience, influencers, relevant to this audience, and the platform. The main question here is not the number of people, who will see the campaign, but the right audience.


Creative control share.   

One of the biggest challenges for luxury brands in their partnership with influencers is an image of the product. Influencers want some freedom to create content, brands want guarantees of its quality. The way out for brand is to choose just the right influencer (who shares the mission of the brand, knows its values and messages) and give him some freedom in content creation.


Influencer as a part of a bigger picture.

Influencer campaign for luxury brands should be part of the marketing strategy. It is possible to plan accordingly with other advertising ways. The message should be one for TV, radio, print ads and influencer campaigns. And this is something which makes a short story long.

Luxury brands spend more time to choose the right influencer, to analyze his or her audience, establish the period of the partnership and look for authenticity, emotional capital, communication themes, community size, quality of the community. Luxury brands spend more time to think the whole campaign over, but the ROI of their cooperation with influencers is more predictable.

Influencer marketing is relevant for the luxury industry as well as it’s reasonable for any other brands, who want to achieve their targets and audiences. The matter with luxury brands is that such cooperation needs more planned actions and analysis, but the results of such partnerships are worth it.  

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