For advertisers Jan 10, 2019

Influencer marketing trends for 2019

Influencer marketing has become more popular over 2018 and now continues to grow more successfully. It is interesting, which trends will determine the development in 2019? In this article, we try to forecast the future of influencer marketing and present you the trends for this area in 2019.


Micro- and Nano- influencers will become more popular

Micro-influencers are those, who have 1000-100000 followers. Nano-influencers have even less than 1000 followers, and their emphasis is predicted to become greater in 2019. Mega-influencers and celebrities don’t have such a substantial impact on audience’ behavior, as before. At the same time, micro-influencers became someone, whom people trust. It is supposed that average business will involve nano- and micro-influencers more and more often, especially those, who create content to some specific niche.


The Facebook audience will decrease

Over 2018 year the Facebook audience aged 12 and older fell down from 67% to 62% and in 2019 it may continue to decrease. Besides, Facebook is no longer popular among the younger generation, who choose other social media. At the same time, the popularity of Instagram is growing. New tools like Instagram Stories, Live, and IGTV, widely used in influencer marketing, were introduced in this social media.


IGTV popularity in Instagram will grow

In mid-2018 Instagram introduced IGTV as the local version of YouTube. Influencers who created short videos for Instagram Stories now have the opportunity to create longer videos for IGTV. The only reason, which may influence the growth of IGTV popularity, is that Instagram requires only vertical videos to upload. The idea of this restriction is that most people use their gadgets vertically. Though, this is not considered to be an obstacle for creating IGTV-specific content in 2019.


Sponsorship labeling will become the norm

Influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, can mark their posts as sponsored, but it was considered to be harmful to content outreach. Though, the statistics showed that sponsored posts with correct target markets performed well with followers. It came out that influencers can match advertising and trust together, so in 2019 this trend is predicted to become stronger.


Video importance for influencing will increase

With the spread of internet technologies, videos don’t slow users outreach anymore. During the previous years, videos were considered to be not comfortable for social media due to internet speed. Now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are ready for video content as well as YouTube. It is predicted, that 82% of internet traffic will be devoted to video content by 2022.


We’d also like to mention two other trends, which are anticipated to be leading in 2019. Long-term relationships between influencers and brands will still be in focus. Content will be the core value in negotiations and cooperations between players of the market.


All these trends speak for themselves. Influencer marketing will be taken more seriously and will give opportunities for brands and opinion leaders.

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