For advertisers Jun 03, 2018

Influencer Marketing: will it grow?

Influencer Marketing is becoming one of the most important tools in the advertising industry. Advertising contracts with Youtube or Instagram stars reach several hundred thousand dollars, and marketers increase budgets for this activity. However, what the big deal? Will the influencer marketing develop in nearest future?


Social networks are quickly integrating in our everyday lives. Fast growth of new users is observed in all social networks. Let’s present some numbers. For example, there are 72.3 million of active users in Russia. This figure will attain 76 million by 2022.


In the United States, the number of active social networks users is around 211.4 million in 2018. This audience will increase by another 9.2 million people in the next four years. Similar tendency is observed in Europe. For example, there are more than 39.9 million users in the UK now and 2.2 million more will join them by 2022.


Asia also experiences active Social Networks development. Japan and Vietnam succeed in this region, both growing by 8 million users in next several years.


Not mentioning China, where a gigantic audience of social networks (both global and local) counts over 616 million active users now and will increase by enormous 109 mln till 2022.



Advertising budgets spent on goods and services promotion are progressing along with the audience of Social Networks.


Widespread usage of influencer marketing became the global trend in 2017. The expenses on this marketing activity have increased significantly over the past year. The rough distribution of ads budgets among regions was as follows:

  • The USA ($3 billion);
  • Great Britain ($2.3 billion);
  • Poland ($810 million);
  • Germany ($660 million);
  • Russia and the CIS ($50 million);
  • Korea ($30 million);


Last year, “Influencer Marketing” even outscored “Social Media Marketing” in Google Trends.



Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Argentina have the greatest interest in the Influencer Marketing



Let’s consider YouTube — the leading platform for influencer marketing. One of its major segments is gaming. The audience interested in this video content is over 100 million viewers in the US only, while worldwide this number reaches 500 million users. The gaming audience was growing for several last years, and will keep this pace next year:



Similar trends are seen in other segments and in other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or others. The audience is a basis of influencer marketing efficiency. Its growth will lead to enhancement of influencer marketing.

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