For advertisers Oct 19, 2018

Influencers: best to be serious

A recent Gartner study showed that 60-70% of companies involve influencers mainly as a part of a tactic, while only 5% attract them in a strategic plan. Some brands think that quick and instant result is a mark of a successful campaign, but there is something to be said for slowing down and taking the long thoughtful look at your relationship with influencers.


We want to highlight a topic that comes up more often when brands want to collaborate with influencers: what is so great about a long-term relationship?



Invest in loyalty


Long-term relationship is about investment: if you make influencer a part of your brand, you’ll get the benefits of this connection. Unlike short-term cooperation, permanent relationship with influencer engages audience into your marketing communications repeatedly and increases value of the brand. Because seeing your brand associated with their favorite influencer helps you to stand out among competitors. It’s a better way to gain more trust with your brand.


Pretend to be a follower: when you constantly see the same influencer posting about his beloved brand, you start to tune-in. Audience loyalty is one of the targets of every good marketing communications, and permanent relation will contribute the audience to trust a brand without any doubts.



Users who generate content


This is a total acceptance: when an audience is so excited about your brand that it starts to share its opinion. All these photos, videos and written posts created by real people are valuable for brand’s overall presence in social media community. Studies prove that audience find user-generated content more trustworthy. Dealing with an influencer on a long-term increases opportunity for your brand to have access to naturally created content by users. And by this word-of-mouth sharing, your brand can organically become a part of online community.



Safe connection


Frankly speaking, sometimes both influencers and advertisers can feel unsafe while making a campaign. Long-term partnership with influencer usually is more trustworthy and formal: both sides sign an agreement or contract that states important points like payment, conditions and other terms to protect the collaboration.



Free to be creative


All creators have their own vision of how to present content to their audience. When you work with an influencer on a long-term basis, you become familiar with the channel’s style. Influencers, in turn, have more time to execute your ideas and deliver your message. Less rush, better quality, and more authenticity. Also, when influencer is more involved in the brand, he or she can provide precious insights about audience’s experience with your product or service.  



Micro relationship


You might think that it could have been perfect to collaborate with celebrities, but for your first long-term relationship consider micro-influencers. Here’s why: dealing with a smaller blogger who has a potential to grow will give you the opportunity to grow yourself. While they expand the audience, you will be the same brand which was there since the very beginning. And on top of all that, the investment is likely to be lower, and you’ll get more for less when working with a small but engaged audience.  



The list above isn’t final. In addition to it, we want to underline the main benefit of long-term relationship. The more you work together with one influencer, the more comfortable you will become with each other’s expectations. When your relationship getting stronger, influencers are more committed to your brand: they love your brand and it will shine through in their work.


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