For influencers Sep 19, 2018

Influencer’s principles: the importance of finding your niche

Running your own channel in social media became mainstream. We live in the world where the first thing preschoolers ask instead of “What’s your name?” is  “Do you have Youtube channel?”. Teenagers go crazy about environment of their accounts hunting followers and likes. Even grandmas don’t inhibit. Approved by Dagny Carlsson – the oldest Swedish blogger. She’s 106 y.o. and her channel was created for… internet education of younger grannies.


Anybody might run the channel or blog… So what for, indeed?


Someone enjoys recognition and support of followers. Others have more altruistic reasons, like sharing their knowledge for free. But we’re going to talk about sponsorships and channel monetization.


The opportunity to earn fast and, like it might seems, easy, calls interesting concern – following trends, the majority of influencers start to chase brands interests, but not their own passion. Mindless posting for a quick cash will almost definitely result an irritation of your followers. Agree, you follow someone on Instagram because you liked the content they publish – photos of amazing locations, beautiful buildings, fit people, etc. But not because you are interested in buying skinny tea or diet flakes.


So monetizing the channel without losing an audience requires a well weighted balance of creative and sponsored content.


Keen competition for more followers, subscribers, and likes, leads beginners to the imitation of celebrities with their topics, instead of finding their unique niche. Thus, nobody wins: subscribers lose interest in the channel, the influencers lose followers while brands still search for alive audience. After all, just because other influencer’s channel is prosperous, it doesn’t mean you should imitate them. Plus, establishing your style makes your channel unique and attractive for both sides – advertisers and your audience.


So, it works only when it’s authentic and the main principle is just to follow your own interests and be yourself  


To become a successful aka trustable influencer, it’s really important to find a suitable FOR YOU niche and the topic you’re passionate about, and stick with it. Following these easy points you’ll reach followers and brands will hunt your unique channel, trying to get your audience.

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