For advertisers Oct 05, 2018

Instagram Stories for your brand

Nowadays Instagram is the strongest platform for influencer marketing and the chief of disappearing content. In truth, it wasn’t the first application that came up with the idea of videos which last only for 24 hours. When Instagram created stories to compete with Snapchat, the app quickly reached the top and obtained 250 million daily active users in just one year after its launch. Here’s the question: what makes Instagram stories so outstanding and for what brands adore this tool?


Officially the most authentic

We can agree that most of the influencers’ channels look too perfect (the reason why the term “Instagram life” was born), while stories lift the curtain to the more realistic world. There is nothing more authentic than this tool, and followers highly appreciate this raw, unedited video content. While feed photos might seem polished, influencers who appear in stories in pajamas or without make-up, makes the audience trust them. And no doubt: authenticity is what creates engagement. What does it mean for your brand? Easy: by involving Instagram stories into your business, you allow influencers to show your brand realistically. And as a result, you’re getting trust and sales.


We vote for the features

We bet your brand won’t refuse more engagement from the features. Only with an advert of stories, Instagram has got several ways to communicate with the audience. Recently, this platform has introduced polls and questions. These features allow followers to interact with a story and connect influencers with subscribers. As for polls, all viewers can answer influencer’s question and vote and see a result in real-time. For example, you created a poll in partnership with influencer for your lingerie brand, where you ask which style of bra women love more. Besides double-engagement, it also gives advertiser more insights about audience’s preferences in design or model.


Also, don’t forget about the location mark in stories: by tagging places, other users who don’t follow the exact influencer can view the story. If your business is tied to festivals, restaurants or events, it’s the best way to reach your audience.


Swipe up and get traffic

At last, we want to highlight one of the most important features: swipe up. Gone are the days when a call to action would tempt a user to follow a link in a bio. Before Instagram stories, it was challenging to use the platform to drive website traffic. But thanks to “swipe up” feature, influencers are able to send their followers to your brand’s website quickly. And before you know it, in one click, engaged subscribers are choosing what to buy or which event to attend on brand’s landing page.


That’s it: Instagram stories are so highly effective that your brand should want to become best friends with this platform. If you’re a small brand with a couple thousand followers, you can boost your engagement by letting an audience know about you via stories. And this is your main advantage over big brands: collaboration with micro influencers to shoot stories you can make an impression that they know and hear their audience.


So, take advantage of disappearing stories and see what will happen!

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