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Theft of $3 billion in cryptocurrency

8BTC says that there is the suspicion of the PlusToken wallet developers embezzling 20 billion RMB (approximately $3 billion). The first information that users are unable to withdraw cryptocurrencies from the PlusToken wallet appeared on 27, June.

This is another signal that indicates vulnerability and proves that the system is not perfect yet. After all, we are talking about the alleged theft of almost 1% of all existing cryptocurrencies.


First success

Prime Factor Capital Ltd, a hedge fund, received approval from the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom. In fact, this is the first investment firm managing cryptocurrency assets, which has received an approval. Bloomberg news agency reports that Prime Factor Capital Ltd will be able to hold assets of more than 100 million euros ($113 million) under management.

“We focus only on one class of assets, which allowed us to become leaders in this space and gain credibility among cryptocurrency investors,” the company’s founders wrote.



Delisting on Bittrex

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange will delist eight cryptocurrency pairs. This time, assets will be removed not only from the American trading platform, but also from the international platform Bittrex International.

On July 12, the following altcoins and associated trading pairs will be removed from both trading platforms: ArtByte (BTC-ABY), Diamond (BTC-DMD), Emercoin (BTC-EMC), Musicoin (BTC-MUSIC), Qwark (BTC-QWARK ), Solarcoin (BTC-SLR), Whitecoin (BTC-XWC) and Zclassic (BTC-ZCL).


Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto

During the trial, Craig Wright was unable to provide the court with evidence of access to Satoshi Nakomoto’s bitcoins. Craig Wright said that he could not confirm possession of the keys from the corresponding addresses. These are addresses that Wright allegedly owned on December 31, 2013, which in turn would indicate that he is Satoshi Nakomoto. According to Wright, he handed over elements of the keys to Kleiman, which is why he cannot currently perform operations with first Bitcoins.

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