For influencers Jan 24, 2019

Personal Branding in Influencer Marketing

The idea of personal branding has become more actual with social media and online presence development. In this article, we will discuss what is your personal brand, how to build it and keep it.


What is your personal brand?

To put it in a nutshell – your brand is your history. This is a story or a legend, which represents to the audience who you are. This idea creates the image of what people see, looking at your name in search systems. Your brand builds features known for others, which may not always coincide with your real life qualities.


It’s up to you whether to develop your brand organically and never try to control this process. Or you can try to become a person you what to be – by doing something different that you used to do.


Step 1. Personal brand building.

Decide whether your brand will be you or create an image of another person with the help of branding.

it is easier to say than to make. Many people have difficulties with a description of who they are. It is easier to describe, whom they want to be. In this case, look at another step.


Step 2. Live your brand.

Decide whether you have target audience clients or customers, you create your brand for.

If you create your personal brand for brands, think of brands and their audience – live this audience. If you create your brand for your own pleasure, recognition and personal aims first, think of yourself and live yourself.


The brightest examples of successful personal brands are Steve Jobs who is known better, than Apple, and Tesla which is associated with Elon Musk more often, than with cars. Personal branding of these people goes far beyond the target audience and clients, aims and plans: their business and their life look similar. They live their brands in real life.


Step 3. Be credible and know your value.

Information that you share, videos that you make – everything should be the things, people trust in. Know your value and develop your own voice, based on this value. Find your value, if you don’t know it, search for your name in search systems, if you already started as an influencer, check whether people’s opinions match with what you wanted them say. Brand building is the process, and this process is you.


Step 4. Collect everything you can implement once your brand is launched.

Generate your online presence – choose several social networks to speak.

Create your website as your basic platform to mention in social media.

Use podcasting as a very popular nowadays tool of communication with followers.

Go to the public speaking course and go public – communicate with followers online and offline. Cooperate with other influencers – create joint projects and present each other.


Personal branding in influencer marketing is a must, but this is a very personal “must” – you can try, invent and do whatever is good for you. It is an ideal opportunity to open yourself and follow your aims. Go on!


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