For influencers Oct 03, 2018

Posting frequency: more or less

Nowadays there is an ultimate question among influencers what’s the optimal frequency of uploading videos on YouTube. No matter how many followers they got right now, every influencer wants to achieve the best result from each video and keep an audience engaged. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to decide how often do you need to bring your ideas on your channel for growing audience and keeping your existing subscribers engaged.


In the vast sea of influencer marketing, there is a diversity of creators who stick to their own frequency. Thus, influencers could post once a month; on the other hand, there are lots of people who do it every day. Is there a right formula of the intervals between uploaded videos?


Beginners on Youtube who don’t have a team working on content production  value every second of their time. For example: to shoot an average 5-7 minute length video, usually, they need a day for a muse, a day for preparing, a day for shooting and a day for editing. This simple math can lead us to the conclusion that the more you deep into the production of a quality video, the less time you have to be in touch with your audience.


Now let’s explore it from the side of the audience. The tricky thing here is a balance: it’s better not to be obsessive and post every free minute. But at the same time rare upload rarely you audience might forget about you. Based on opinion of the experienced influencers, we can tell that people prefer to check their favorite channel weekly.


If you begin your journey as a lifestyle influencer (read: as a creator, an editor and a director as well) on YouTube, probably you have no one to help you with content production. So in this case most of influencers prefer to upload video once per week focusing on the quality of content. Anyway, experience confirms that it’s better to engage the audience slowly and patiently, than flood without topic research and just because you want to be in sight.

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