For influencers May 02, 2019

Successful promo for new products

Creation and launch of new ideas, making them popular may seem to be a calling in the eyes of many people. But this issue is even more stressful, than traditional office days. Startups owners strive to present the decision of some issue, using idea or method, which has not been applied earlier. New vision of things – this is what makes the idea successful and popular. Very often users, having got used to everyday routine, don’t notice ways to make work issues or everyday tasks easier. But this is what entrepreneur thinks over, and as a result is able to introduce own ways of problem solvings, which may be helpful for clients. The main question here is how to get acquainted the idea and the user. How to describe the product to make the user understand its message? In this case advertisement has to present all advantages and this is not easy. Each new business without well planned marketing strategy, which will have the aim to explain value, will have troubles with clients. But even the best advertising strategies sometimes are failed, because clients are not aware of the product and don’t see personal values. How to deal with it?


Find your target audience

Once your product is established, ask yourself this question: who is most likely to use the product? Take into account factors like age, geographical location and buying power. Use filters to arrive at a more focused target market for your product. Keep in mind that you can have more than one niche market.


Create the message for each niche

Defining your target market is the hard part, but creating messages for each niche and looking for the best platform to deliver them is even harder. Decide, which social networks are the best for your target audience, plan publications.  


Create content

Only with a digital marketing strategy, a small startup with a very limited budget can reach an audience of millions worldwide. Write blogs, shoot short videos and add that to your company website. Make the content specific to the product or service that your organization offers. Market these contents on every mainstream social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.


Find influencers

People need entertaining and informative content that presents actual value of the company. Create a basic level of trust for your brand and people will feel more convinced to make recommendations to their friends. Furthermore, social media allows you to think out your responses and present your brand in a more casual, conversational tone.

Influencer marketing is of great support for new market players. And it may be even more efficient than traditional marketing methods. Today’s consumers prefer purchasing things based on either family or friend recommendations or from opinion leaders they admire and trust. Besides, influencer marketing does not require a big budget.

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