For advertisers Oct 12, 2018

The cure to a media blindness

Establishing a connection with an audience is significant for your brand’s success. Therefore, choosing a right tool for reaching the audience according to the strategic goals is half the battle. If your goal is to get high rates on your page, attract people as much as you can. In this case, using banners advertising seems the most suitable.


However, here is an interesting nuance: due to intense competition for audiences’ attention nowadays quantity of banners is hilarious, there are so many of them, that most are neglected. Think about it for a second: you probably saw a few banners today. Do you remember what they were about? Exactly! And there is nothing odd about it. This is a common reaction on an abundance of information: to get distracted from it. Besides, if a topic on a banner isn’t in your range of interests, you won’t notice it. Double bonus 🙂


And as a proof and a headshot: Infolinks has shown that only 14% of users remember the last banner they saw and brand which is in charge of it. Studies have shown that people disregard banners and “call to action” they contain. This “media blindness” affects Internet behavior of audience and it becomes a defining marker of instrument’s efficiency.


Anyway, even being incredibly creative, properly placed and optimally targeted, the primary function of banner ads is to lead people on a website. So, driving thousands of “cold” users to your web still seems effective? And for comparison: there are tools which might lead less quantity of users, but this audience will be more eager to communicate with your brand.   


So the main key to audiences’ trust based on their entire experience with a brand. Moreover, it keeps up the last trend to work with influencers. On a background of classic advertising campaigns, posts of bloggers written in simple language and even with mistakes build trust and sell much more efficiently.


We must admit: the traditional schemes of promotion on the Internet today don’t work like 5 years ago, and if you work on the audience engagement in an old-fashioned way, you will not get the best results. Media tools still perform their function and are appropriate for leading users to your product, but influencer marketing drew the attention of the audience, who are genuinely interested in your brand.



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