News Dec 07, 2018

The most important news of the cryptoindustry

1. Japan’s Financial Regulator to Launch New ICO Regulations

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) is set to introduce new Initial Coin Offering regulations to protect the investors from frouds.
According to the multiple sources, all upcoming ICOs will be required to register with FSA.
The FSA Study Group on Virtual Currency Exchange hosted a meeting regarding ICOs last month. They decided to classify tokens into three categories: currencies without issuer, virtual currencies with issuer and tokens with issuers that are also obliged to distribute revenues.


2. South Korea’s authorities are preparing new taxation plans to implement taxes on crypto trading and allow ICOs again.

South Korea is well known as one of the most crypto enthusiastic countries in the world.
The South Korean government is planning to tax cryptocurrencies. Ministry is already working on new plans and they will be published after approving by experts. It is too early to speak about the final version of this plan as it is to be considered. Currently ICOs are  banned in South Korea but the country is seeking for the best possibilities and ways to bring them back.


3. Binance has launched Sub-Accounts for Institutional Clients

Binance has launched the long-awaited feature – Sub-Accounts, which suppose to attract institutional clients. The announcement was made 1 day ago on the Binance official website. This feature will allow organisations to create up to 200 accounts under Master account. Master accounts will have a full-overview of trading activity and full control over sub-accounts. They will be allowed to freeze accounts, manage permissions, stop orders, restore and reset 2FA, and remove API-keys and passwords.


4. Mysterious BTC holder moves 66,233 BTC after four years of inactivity

One of the addresses on Bitcoin’s TOP-20 wealthiest addresses on the planet has moved 66,233 BTC after four years of inactivity.
The address (1EBHA1ckUWzNKN7BMfDwGTx6GKEbADUozX) has been inactive since 2014.
Destination of these funds is still unknown.
You can see this transaction by following this link:


5. Poloniex launching dedicated accounts to fight for institutional market

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange announced on Medium that they launched dedicated accounts for institutional investors. Those accounts offers investors a “large curated selection of crypto asset trading pairs, dedicated support and robust API services.”
Additionally, exchange offers expanded withdrawal limits, no fees for BTC/USDC trades during December and higher customer support.
With the new accounts, investors will get the ability to conduct over-the-counter (OTC) trades using Circle Trade platform, if they’re ready to invest at least $250,000.


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