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The most optimistic news of the cryptoindustry

Offer to increase the reward for PoS validators

Vitaly Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, submitted an offer to GitHub to change a reward scheme for validators after the transition of the second most capitalised cryptocurrency to the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (PoS).

The more assets are fixed for validation, the lower is the interest rate. Thus, 134 217 728 ETH will bring crypto investors only 1.56% per annum. Whereas, the maximum annual emission volume will be 2,097,152 ETH.

According to Justin Drake, the researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, if, after PoS implementation, 32 million ETH are allocated for stacking purpose, the income of validators will be 3.2% per annum. Whereas, the annual emission indicator will be 1% ( the current indicator of Bitcoin inflation is 3.94%).


Adamant Capital: Accumulation Stage of BTC

Analysts of the Adamant Capital cryptocurrency fund claim that Bitcoin has already reached the “bottom”, and now we observe the first stage of accumulation. The published report contains many arguments that an uptrend will occur in the next five years.

During this time, BTC will become more frequently used for hedging investment portfolios and reserve assets. Tuur Demeester and Michael Leskrauvet, the report authors, say that Bitcoin will strengthen its status as a payment network.


Rise of BNB

Binance Coin (BNB) updates historical highs to USD and BTC. Over the past seven days, Binance token has grown by more than 22%; since the beginning of the year, it has increased by more than 300%. Сapitalisation of the coin is $3.39 billion, which allows it to hold 7th place in the CoinMarketCap rating.

One of the growth drivers was the launch of the main network of Binance Chain – its blockchain of the exchange. Migration of Binance Coin to the native network was scheduled for April 23. There is also an opinion that Binance can lure projects from the Ethereum ecosystem, including using such an instrument of influence as listing/delisting. These factors  support Binance Coin.


Tron CEO Justin Sun suggests Partnership With Liverpool FC

Tron CEO Justin Sun tweeted on April 24 that the Tron Foundation will partner with Liverpool, British professional football club. The Tron CEO claimed that he is looking forward to explore this new partnership, adding that it is an official partnership and that more details will be released soon. Misha Lederman, co-founder of Tron-related blockchain startup IAmDecentralized, said that the new alleged partnership between Tron and LFC “would be beyond massive for crypto to say the least.”


First Golden Cross for Bitcoin in 3 Years as Bulls Return

Here’s yet another sign the crypto winter is thawing. Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, has formed its first bullish golden cross since October 2015. The milestone follows a 35 percent rally for Bitcoin past $5,600, on track for its best monthly gain since the height of the crypto frenzy in December 2017.

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