News Oct 17, 2018

The power of #hashtag

It’s not an easy task to stand out with your channel on Instagram with its huge amount of daily users. So here are hashtags, a decisive and powerful tool to gain followers and awareness. In most cases, we don’t even read these little keywords that go after the post. But despite that hashtags fulfill its big deal role.


Fact: Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without. So, drawing up an effective hashtag strategy can positively influence on getting your content discovered by the right audience on Instagram. So, let’s talk about it further and dig into the reasons why hashtags are so #awesome.



Types of hashtags


Maybe you’ve noticed that there are two main types of Instagram hashtags which are essential to distinguish: branded and community.


Branded hashtag is exclusive for your business. It can be a simple word: your company or campaign name, either something you sell or offer. In case a word has nothing in common with your name, it could be a word that describes your brand identity. For example, Nike has a hashtag with its name and also with its well-recognized motto – #justdoit.


Adding this type of hashtag to your post can become a synonym to your brand and increase its visibility. Also, it is equally important that you could measure its impact using social media monitoring tools.


The second type is community hashtag. They are more general and regularly used by influencers. Community hashtags don’t necessarily have anything to do with your brand or campaign, largely they don’t. These words are so widely used that sometimes people even overuse these magic words by adding them literally everywhere. We call hashtags like that because it describes their business of life: to bring together people with similar interests around clear-cut topics. Just remember the popular hashtags like #instamood, #govegan, #fashionaddict, #blackandwhite, etc.


While branded hashtags are added to connect a specific audience with your topic, community hashtags are meant to increase the reach of your message. But to make everything right, you better set your plan clearly: choose a short and a catchy word so that audience can easily remember it. But at the same time, it should be free, relevant and creative, so people could enjoy using this word while sharing with friends and subscribers.



The great discovery


With around 95 million photos posted daily on Instagram, it becomes challenging to deliver the content to the right people. Every time people are embarking on an Instagram journey, hashtags work as guiding lights. They help to categorize and organize photos and videos. It works in both ways: you reach a target audience, and more importantly, hashtags help your target audience find you. Then you realize that you have lots in common and more likely people start to engage with your post because it’s exactly what they were looking for.  



I will always follow you


If amount of your followers is  considered as a recognition of how successful your channel is, everyone wants to know how to use Instagram hashtags to get followers. The secret ingredient of reaching the audience is in creating a positive experience.  

Instagram hashtags are powerful words, and they can get people more involved through user-generated content. To do that brands and influencers use their hashtags to engage people in advertising campaigns where the main rule is to add a specific #word to a post and be mentioned in a campaign. We can call this type of hashtags ‘active’ because they can drive actions and participation. Thus, via your hashtag, you’re not only are discovered in social media but involve tons of users in your case.  


Being aware of the power of #hashtag for your strategy is a great way to reach your goals, be found by the right audience and make sure your chosen #word will play its part.


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