For advertisers Sep 28, 2018

Three points that annoy influencers

The influencer marketing content delivers a return that is 11X better than traditional forms of digital marketing. That’s one of the reasons why brands are getting so involved with influencers. Whether it’s your first trip to the social media world or you’ve been through a lot, you better bear in mind the following common mistakes advertisers make during a campaign.


According to the last years of communication with influencers, there are still no durable rules on how to create a campaign without any doubts or confusions. Sure, you want everything from this partnership: unbelievable awareness, global engagement, and even direct sales. But to succeed you better get your head out of the clouds and focus on how to avoid the real mistakes.


Influencers weren’t born for direct sales

Probably, most advertisers think that influencers can guarantee direct sales, but the truth it’s not their primary task. The point is you definitely hunt engagement, coverage and awareness without increasing a cost. This process depends on many things: a valid promotion and seeding in social networks, statistics and then the quality of content and audience’s trust to the channel. But take a look from the influencer side: their main goal is to create engaging content.   


I don’t know you, but I want to work with you

The second typical, and perhaps the most annoying mistake advertisers make  misunderstanding of influencer’s theme and audience. You might think it’s really obvious thing but it’s hard to believe how many advertisers messed it up. Let’s imagine that your brand wants to promote razors on a body positive channel where influencer supports a natural beauty. As a result, advertisers waste a lot of time on influencers who never would have been able to promote their brand properly. Be more specific: spend your time on analysis of the influencer, check the theme and style of his channel and his audience.  


Please, take a gift

There is still an argument about which mistake irritates more: the previous or this one. We are saying about in-kind collaborations when brands “gift” influencers a free product in exchange for a post. It seems like a fair trade? Well, sometimes influencers are ready to write about your product or service for free and out of kindness. But it never happens if you start to push on influencer to make a post after receiving a present. It only happens if they truly deeply love your brand, or if perfectly fit their channel’s essence, either they want to build a relationship with you in the future. After all, everyone wants reciprocity: if no one asked you to make a gift, don’t expect to have feedback. Let’s play fair: if influencer intends to write about your generous gesture, he will do it gladly. So, don’t make them feel like they owe something to you.   


So, maybe there is no such thing as influencer marketing ethics, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to meaningful details in dealing with influencers. Eventually, both of you are interested in positive and healthy collaboration.


Keeping in mind this information, we can conclude that most mistakes advertisers make are not something hard to perceive. Because of the different reasons advertisers might be already in a blind spot of collaboration. Anyway, influencers are creative people and if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.

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