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Tips to the future successful brand ambassadors

Most of us must admit: the first thing we do every morning is checking our social media. This is pretty much basic start of a day – say hello to followers and count likes while risking to drop a smartphone on your face. From the moment we awake, we want to feel connected to the world, as cliche as it sounds. Sometimes we spend so much time scrolling pages that we start to procrastinate till a phone’s battery dies. But here is the good news: you could do more than that without a non-social-media-rehab. You could be getting paid while you enjoy your favorite daily routine.


Chief creative officer of Google Asia-Pacific, John Merrifield, once said, “Advertising is the price companies pay for being unoriginal.” Spending a fortune on the old marketing channels, some companies kept beating the bushes for ideas to impress their customers. However, they didn’t take into account the statistics that people rely more on the opinion of someone they already know than advertising. But what should they do to make customers trust brands like their old buddies?


Thankfully, nowadays, major brands from global to smaller businesses finally started to think outside the box. This is where the new major trend was born – trend to be a brand ambassador.


Let’s shake emoji hands


Giving your name card to a stranger, who asks what a brand ambassador’s role is about, you should say that you are a person who is really devoted to a brand you represent. From day to day you are the hero who increases a brand awareness and shares with followers love to a product or a service via demonstrations. You’re the best friend and opinion leader at the same time for an audience who is always ready to advance the brand’s interests. In other words, you need to be on the same page with that brand.  


Do I fit to be a Brand Ambassador?


In 2000th the famous toymaker, Hasbro, launched a now well-known video game called P-O-X. To promote this “battle field” he hired a marketing team to create a viral campaign. They explored Chicago with intention to find the “cool kids” who love to play video games. Not a rocket science, huh? Marketers gave those kids samples of P-O-X to test it and tell about it to their friends. The campaign was successful, Hasbro sold out one million copies in a few weeks. On top of that, the case is now frequently mentioned in studies of word-of-mouth marketing.


The second important thought of this case is that you don’t need to be born as a brand ambassador, you just need to be born. It is based on the idea that all of us could possibly turn into influential “cool kids” and share with others which movies and books are worth attention, help decide where to eat and, eventually, what product to buy.


You may ask who are they, the brand ambassadors? Every time you see celebrities or local trendsetters appear in a commercial, they are being brand ambassadors. Every time a well-known skater uses sponsoring equipment for the YouTube video rides, he’s being a brand ambassador. Every time one of it-girls makes an Instagram post about the perfect lipstick, she’s being a brand ambassador. These people have actually been “sponsored” by brands to promote products through platforms or events, and you totally could be one of them.


Find your vibe


The first thing you need to take into account is that you’re not going to be someone who will merely put a “stamp of approval” on a brand. Your main goal as a brand ambassador is to create experience for your followers. Whether you already have a huge audience or you’re starting from scratch, you must produce interesting, fun and engaging content.


Here are some common tips to start:


      –   Get social

If you’re truly interested in becoming a brand ambassador, you should understand that it’s not enough just to have a lot of followers (you got for some reason). You need to be accessible to your audience, leave a positive impact, make people feel valued and more informed after communication with you. Remember, being active on social media means creating experience for your followers.


       –   Create quality content

We should really emphasize the importance of creating quality and awesome content. Your main goal is to project a good vibe across your posts, especially if you use a visual platform like Instagram. This can be done by finding a niche you’re really interested in and keep your content relevant to the topic. Therefore, quality content is a combination of things: nice images, sharp writing and posts that engage people to leave their feedback.   


       –   Dive into your job  

After all, being a brand ambassador is a job, and to succeed you need to dive into it as deep as submarine. Remember, you’ve already chosen a niche and now you need to build knowledge about it. Turn your passion about the topic into expertise and you’ll reach the top in social media. As long as you invest time and efforts, chances are you’ll become a great brand ambassador in no time.


Smile and say “Ka-ching!”


An ideology and self devotedness to your new job is great, but everyone wants to know how much money they will earn being a brand ambassador. Well, it depends on a type of work you’re doing. Whether this is your full-time job or just a part-time gig, becoming a brand ambassador could turn into a serious business. Having a high number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, can give you a needed leverage to become one. Creative, engaging and interesting content, on the other hand, increases the chances to earn enough money to live life sunny side up.

Obviously, nowadays, companies continue to amplify buzz and awareness about their brands referring to brand ambassadors. So, finish reading this article and start to work!    


No blind dates


Our priceless digital age gave us brands of all sizes and types looking for modern ways to increase their outreach. But for the best result they need to find the right person who could make them happy. That’s why you can’t just choose anyone to be your brand ambassador. That special someone needs to understand the specifics of your product or service, and you need to understand how he or she can represent your brand to an audience. For example, you shouldn’t ask a teenage star to promote Huggies or a grandma to push RedBull.


That’s why all the smart brands should go on a little “date” with a future brand ambassador and make sure that this is a match. Thus, both sides can benefit from a long-term relationship.


A brand ambassador isn’t just another fad in marketing. It’s a strategy that sells, while a brand ambassador doesn’t really sell anything. Since people don’t like to be forced, having someone you could trust is essential. To be that someone you must establish yourself as a person who knows what’s up. After all, no one’s content makes any sense or value if nobody sees it.

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