For influencers Oct 08, 2018

Why influencers give up and how to stay on track

You might be familiar with the primary rule of life: nothing worth doing comes easy. As any serious job that takes most of your time, being an influencer could be tough and challenging. But before you might think about quitting your career in influencer marketing, here are the reasons why people give it up, and a few tips on how not to burnout.


Losing interest in your topic

As we wrote before, it’s critical to pick the right niche you fit the best. After all, nobody is forcing you to pick a topic that doesn’t motivate you. In some other jobs, you probably could turn lemons into lemonade. But if you chose to be an influencer, you’re going to deal with your topic a lot, and you couldn’t do it for a long time if you’re not passionate about the topic. So, try to be honest with yourself: the right topic will make you feel creative. Only in this case, it will provide value to you and your followers.


What if you’re already in a situation when you’re one step away from quitting your channel and going wherever your feet take you, sometimes starting over with a new topic is not a bad thing at all.


Captain, what’s the plan?

To be a master of your fate and your channel, you should have a plan and a strategy. Whatever the factors can be changed during your career, you need to keep in mind your goals, but stay flexible to changes that are out of your hands. If you don’t have a strategy of running your channel, then you’ll probably feel lost among trends, competitors and even your thoughts. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with directing your goals and create a posting calendar which leads us to the next point.


Daily-basis stress

Do you know how many new blog posts are being published every day? Well, there’s no easy way to say it, but the number is estimated to be around 2 million. That’s why a lot of influencers are overwhelmed with thoughts of others posting brilliant highly rated content every day. This is where a feeling of pressure being born: you’re in a hurry to keep up with trends, others influencers, or whatever else there may be. In this hardcore race, lots of influencers decide to attach more importance to quantity rather than quality. If you are, then stay focused on quality and shape your own frequency.


Now put it all together: being a successful influencer is hard, and lots of people give it up every month. But most important is how many stay on this track and make their dreams come true. Keeping in mind these three main reasons why people give up could help you focus on the advantages of influencer’s career.


After all, quitting is easier, right? But if you’ve found the strength to mix motivation, passion, and patience, you will open the new horizons.

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