For influencers Sep 26, 2018

YouTube as influencer channel for gamers

It’s getting colder, and that means gamers have one more reason to sit in front of screens doing what they love. Who are these people and what do they need? Roughly 1 in 10 people on Earth are gamers. The results of a study prove that modern players aren’t stereotypical anymore. They’re not shy teenagers who live in their parents’ basement without seeing sunlight. They are rather adults, who have a family and a five-day work week. Also, they are open-minded and outgoing, and this is why they’re getting social.


According to the Newzoo analysis, games are one of the most trendy content searches on YouTube. Which means that this huge online community prefers to receive a bunch of facts and tips from YouTube. But what type of content gamers used to watch and what do they go for?   


There are three major types of content influencers create: reviews, streams and tutorials. Let’s get down to details.


Review: it’s alive!

Reviews may seem old school, but they are still the easiest and the most basic way to inform subscribers about devices, accessories and latest games.  


If it’s impossible to touch or feel the device, unboxing is the most suitable type of review. You may share your own opinion about it: check all features and other sketchy stuff which you’ve noticed. Last year over 40 million hours of unboxing videos were watched, and here’s the reason why people care about it so much: it replaces boring shopping and visiting stores.


When there’s a new release of a game, you better use one of the most mainstream types of review  — Let’s Play. Strategies, action, RPG… whatever! Show how you play, and sure enough the fans will follow. But it’s not only about the unifying power of gaming. For the channel owners, YouTube runs a Partner Program which means you can earn money for the ads on the site, while subscribers enjoy getting a dose of wisdom from the owner’s comments.


Streams: cheer for your favorite team

The battles in eSports are no less popular than actual sports with real people outdoor. Gamers have their own teams, uniforms, official matches, a million of fans and, of course, influencers who are highlighting everything. For example, the well-known influencers such as Nadeshot or PewDiePie involve to their channels more and more subscribers who are nuts about strategies, competitions and everything connected to cybersport.


Only imagine: the audience of the influencers streams about cybersports engaged 320 million viewers and still counting from all over the world.


Tutorials: it’s not too late to learn

Finally, let’s not forget that every game has a goal. All the regular players want to lift their game, but usually, it’s quite challenging. That’s why the Internet is full of how-to videos about practicing different strategies which help gamers upgrade. And this is where YouTube is moving up to the first place: 74% of gamers watch the tutorials exactly on this platform to learn how to play better. Through step-by-step education, this type of videos simply save time and energy when it comes to playing.


As you can see, it’s not that hard to choose which type of gaming content you want to broadcast on your YouTube channel. And it’s even easier to do so when you already know content trends and found your way to express yourself. Creating content that flows, will help you to connect with gamers – one of the biggest audiences on the Internet.

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