For influencers Nov 15, 2018

YouTube channel: how to promote it

YouTube channel promotion

YouTube has become more than just a video hosting. Nowadays it is a full-fledged search engine on the Internet, ranked second after Google. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to the promotion of your channel and to the strategy of the content placing.


Do what you love

Choose a topic that inspires you and describes it by using keywords for SEO optimization. You need to create your own unique dictionary, which would clearly describe the topic of the channel and be tied up with user requests. Use website indexing and optimization tools to find keywords and phrases easier and faster.

Tip. Explore the statistics of the YouTube platform to find out more about its users.


Talk to your audience

Engagement works in both ways: if you want the audience to communicate with you – do the same. Reply to comments, create videos in responses, subscribe to other users’ channels, run contests for viewers, collaborate with brands. Look for ways to interact with your audience.

Tip. Use YouTube tips to improve interaction with subscribers.


Don’t stop!

To engage your audience more and more, you need to increase your posting frequency – at least one video per week. At first, it might seems too hard, but you don’t need a huge budget to get this done. It’s enough to acquire with a good smartphone and specific tools for editing video. Strive to make high-quality content and analyze competitors.

Tip. Create a preview for your videos. Videos with a catchy title and an attractive preview usually rank higher.


Get branded

The viewer should recognize you among the billion of YouTube channels. This means that you need to prepare the basis properly: think up a name, assign a custom URL, create a logo and design, write tags.

Tip. Create a story. Tell to the subscribers about yourself in the biography section.


Nothing left to chance. Work hard and nonstop to promote your channel. Your viewer will definitely find you – help them to do that!

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