For advertisers Mar 06, 2019

YouTube promotion and ads: how to build an effective campaign?

YouTube is the number one social network, famous all over the world. It’s difficult to imagine someone, who’s never seen anything on YouTube. Being so popular, this network is relevant for advertising campaigns of all levels. In this article we will inform you, which ads are possible on YouTube, how much do they cost and which results may produce.

Types of ads on YouTube:


Display ads

Ads of this kind appear in the right corner of the display, above the list of suggested videos. These are the least annoying advertisements, as far as they don’t cover the main video. Though this is the reason they may be less effective – the user may not see them at all.


Overlay ads

Ads of this kind appear at the bottom part of a video, which disappears by hitting the “x” button. They could be semi-transparent and solid, contain text or pictures.


Skippable video ads

This kind of advertisements seems annoying, as they may be skipped after a few seconds of display. They appear at the beginning, and there is no chance for the user to miss it. Though, they are short enough and are considered to be one of the most efficient.


Non-skippable video ads

These ads can’t be skipped and last about 15-30 seconds. This time is enough to get frustrated with the ad.  


Sponsored cards

These are so-called relevant ads, as they are shown at the end of a video like the link cards. They promote the same with video products.


How much does it cost?

The average price for a view is from $0.10 to $0.30. You can’t predict the final price, because it depends on several factors.

The more views your video gets – the less will be your cost per view.

The next factor is your competitors. When setting a campaign, you define a maximum CPV (cost per view). If your video has a competitor – your CPV will be compared. The biggest bid wins. Therefore you pay for a view with a little higher cost. For example, if you set a maximum CPV at $0.30, and your competitor set it at $0.25 – you will pay $0.26 for every view (not $0.30).

There is also an option to set a daily budget. You define what sum you would like to spare daily, and AdWords stops advertising when it is reached. Planning a monthly expense for YouTube advertising is convenient. You divide the sum you planned to spend on this type of advertising into 30 pieces and set it as a daily budget. For example, you have $300 for the YouTube campaign. So, you define a daily budget of $10.

To make your strategy really efficient you have to be ready to change it. Analyze the number of views, user’s engagement, and total cost of the campaign. Anyway, YouTube is great for personal and brand promotion and offers different tools for making your campaigns effective.

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