For influencers May 29, 2019

Youtube top ranks secrets

More than 1.9 billion users visit YouTube each month. Being one of the most popular social platforms, YouTube and its promo instruments are worth to know for every digital marketer. Of course, YouTube has paid ways to promote the channel, but there are also hints that help to influence channels ranks and popularity at no cost. In this article, we will share some of them with you.



Success begins from an understanding of what users are searching for. In 2018 YouTube appeared to be the second most popular search engine after Google. This is one of the reasons why tools like keywords and SEO which are successfully used for Google, are also helpful to get videos higher in rank on YouTube. There are no direct rules which help to popularize your channel, but using one of the instruments as Google Ads Keyword Planner, search engine results pages or keywords may be beneficial for your channel promotion.


Custom thumbnails

Our brains are proved to notice visuals first. YouTube produces automatic thumbnails for all videos, but if you create your own eye-catching thumbnail for each, it will help with gaining more views for sure. Besides, it may be used for creating a unique style of your channel and, as a result, will help with recognition of it among other videos.



Make user- and keyword-friendly descriptions for your videos. The user-friendly description is the one showing that you care about your users. If it offers some “content page” and links to previous videos, explains what exactly you make the video for, includes some hashtags and sticks to 5000 characters limit, your users will only say thank you and be loyal to your channel. It’ll take some time and effort, but you will like the result. And it can help with ranking.


The real value  

It’s not enough to make eye-catching videos. The content should be interesting, unique and valuable for users. If you have answers to the questions “what problems does the video solve”, “will it improve users life” or “is it interesting”, it will influence the content you produce and the number of followers you get.  



Facebook and Instagram comments, shares and likes indicate people engagement, it all works the same on YouTube! The more comments, shares and likes your video receives, the higher your video gets to rank. The more engagement and people interest you provoke, the more popularity you receive. Everything is clear and honest here.


Series and lists

It will be helpful if you post your videos on the same day and time of the week so that your users will know what to expect. It will be useful if you create some lists on subtopics or offer the most watched videos in one list. Videos, combined in one playlist are more likely to appear in YouTube’s suggested videos.


Live sessions

YouTube is the most popular live platforms, so it’s excellent for webinars and some special channel events. It is suitable for users engagement and quality assurance as well. During live sessions, you may get not only comments and shares, but also feedback, which will help to create videos of higher value for users.


We hope that the tips from this list will help you to create catching high-quality videos and make your channels popular. And keep in mind that you don’t need millions of followers to make your videos visible on the web. Bright ideas, value, quality and the tips from the article will make you famous in your way.    


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